Lemmer Lee's Legacy (L³) Nonprofit Corporation

‘Empowering Survivors, One Safe Place at a Time’.


The Mission of Lemmer Lee’s Legacy (L³) Nonprofit Corporation is to assist survivors of domestic violence with (re)gaining their economic stability and independence.

Lemmer Lee’s Legacy (L³) Nonprofit Corporation, established in 2023, is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Corporation with a vital purpose: to uplift survivors of domestic violence on their journey toward achieving economic stability.

L³ stands as a steadfast companion to survivors and their children. We offer nurturing and empowering environments to assist in the (re)discovery of their lives with a brighter future, FREE of violence.

L³ is dedicated to collaborating with community partners, government agencies, and private sector entities to provide a comprehensive array of wrap-around services to survivors and children; which are fundamental to survivors (re)gaining economic success.

Our core resources are to provide survivors:


(713) 396-2761




Lemmer Lee’s Legacy (L³)

P.O. Box 91 Alderson, Oklahoma 74522


Make a credit card or in-kind donation by simply filling out the information below. To donate by mail, please see our address below. L³ is a 501c(3) organization.


Volunteer Your dedication as a volunteer holds immense value to us and we deeply appreciate your contribution to support our mission!

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