TWU student is on a mission to shape domestic violence policy and legislation

March 8, 2022 – HOUSTON – Resilience expert, upcoming author, entrepreneur and speaker are just a few titles Texas Woman’s student Jamie R. Wright holds. And thanks to the Post-Baccalaureate Women in Politics Certificate program, she now has new tools to use on her path to help end domestic and intimate partner violence in communities of color.

Wright was raised in a small town east of McAlester, Oklahoma, called Alderson, but moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma, when she was 14.

“Our little country town had no stop lights, had a population of approximately 200 or so people and you could very easily miss it if you blink your eyes while passing through,” she said.

Wright found a career as a senior analyst and has spent nearly two decades in finance and auditing with the federal government. She also received awards and commendation for time in Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

But her success hid a darker side that she has had to overcome. She endured sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child before becoming a victim of domestic violence as a woman. After triumphing over her own pain and obstacles, she set out on a journey to help others, and in 2020, she founded Jamie R. Wright, LLC, with a mission to provide survivor-led, community-based awareness, education and empowerment to communities of color impacted by domestic and intimate partner violence. As an advocate and activist for domestic violence survivors, she motivates, encourages and empowers others to overcome and transform their shame and trauma into self-love, healing and happiness. She has appeared on The Doctors with Dr. Ian Smith, 60 Minutes, BBC News, various podcasts, local and state news channels and throughout the United States and the world. As part of Women’s History Month, Wright and Emilee Whitehurst, CEO of Houston Area Women’s Center, will be on Houston Life live on KPRC TV, at 2:30 p.m. CST, March 21.

Though she had already accomplished so much, Wright knew there was still more she could do and more she needed to learn. That’s when she discovered TWU and chose the Post-Baccalaureate Women in Politics Certificate program, a collaboration between the Department of Social Sciences & Historical Studies and the Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy, to learn more about elections, advocacy, women in politics and policymaking. This new-found knowledge will enable her to take her advocacy to the next level upon completing the program in May 2022.

“I was inspired to apply for the program through my commitment, as a survivor of domestic violence, to raise awareness for both survivors and abusive partners,” said Wight. “It is providing an opportunity to use my lived experiences to help shape domestic and intimate partner policy and legislation.”

Through the program, Wright is currently completing an internship with Rep. Ann Johnson in Houston, who is extremely involved in the Houston domestic abuse courts. She also is enjoying the networking opportunities, virtual seminars and workshops, but the education she is receiving is having a lasting impact on her.

“I’ve had the honor of learning from high-profile women in politics, and I have learned a tremendous amount about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and have gained a huge amount of respect for the process,” said Wright.

Wright also is a role model for those who might be looking to go back to school like she did or set out on their own path to make a difference in the world. She offers this advice:

“Do not let the fear of the unknown, uncertainty or feeling unequipped stop you from aligning yourself with your purpose,” she said. “There are women waiting on you. Your purpose is absolutely needed, as the purpose was for the many women that paved the way for us. So please, answer the call as they did, and let’s too, leave the world a better place!”

With her dedication and passion for helping others, Wright is on track to do just that.


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